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Home Made Bread Success

January 4th, 2012 at 10:12 am

I made a loaf of wheat bread yesterday and it came out pretty good. I added 3/4 cups of oatmeal which wasn't called for. The bread is nice and moist and not too dense as in the past. I'll make it again without the oatmeal and see what it is like. It made excellent toast.

I'm not sure if there is any savings in making your own bread but I'm sure it has to be better for you than all the preservatives that are in the store bought.

I found a recipe for bread bowls which sounds good, you can put anything from pasta to soups in them, I might try that one of these days.

22 Responses to “Home Made Bread Success”

  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Preparing two or more loaves at one go is what makes baking cheaper than buying.

  2. ccraw Says:

    I would do that if I had freezer space to keep it because I wouldn't use it that quickly. Unfortunately in these travel trailers you have a very small refridgerator and freezer.

  3. ladymiller Says:

    CCraw...just wondering if you saw my message asking for your recipe on how you made the Ranch Chicken you mentioned in another post?

  4. ccraw Says:

    Yes I did MaryAnn, I thought I answered but the internet probably went out and it didn't post. I got the recipe from a site called homesicktexan.com There is a search box on the site and you just plug the name in and it will find the recipe. She has the best and easiest homemade tortilla recipe I have ever tried. It's more Tex/Mex but they come out light and fluffy. Let me know if you try her recipes and what you think.

  5. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Way to go on that bread! Sometimes the benefits of something go well beyond cost and I think homemade bread is one of those things. Enjoy it. Smile

  6. ccraw Says:

    I know you are right about that Denise!

  7. rob62521 Says:

    I agree with you on the homemade bread...probably healthier and certainly no preservatives. There's a book out there called "The Art of Eating In" where the author decided to not eat out partially for money, but also for health, and she makes her own bread from a recipe called No Knead Bread. If you google it, you can find the white bread as well as a wheat bread recipe. It's pretty easy and cheap to make too!

  8. ccraw Says:

    Thanks Rob!

  9. ladymiller Says:

    Thanks CCraw, I found the Ranch Chicken recipe on the website you mentioned. I might have to tone it down a bit...I'm from the midwest and am not used to the hot and spicy things of the southwest! LOL

  10. ccraw Says:

    LOL Maryann, I didn't have the rotel tomatoes and used my own diced tomatoes it seems, mine didn't turn out spicy at all...just wing it, it will still be good!

  11. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Ranch chicken sounds good, y'all. I have leftovers in my fridge that need to be eaten but I'd love to make the ranch chicken. I'll make a note of that for this weekend when I'm off work. Smile

  12. DeniseNTexas Says:

    At 6:35 this morning I commented on this saying I had leftovers to eat but I'd make the chicken this weekend. And I made it today! See my latest blog entry. I need help! lol

  13. Julianne Will Says:

    Way to go! There IS something about homemade bread. You might also check out the Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit at breadkit.com. It's like gourmet restaurant bread without gourmet prices.

  14. ccraw Says:

    I'll check all of this out....still eating the loaf I made...I don't usually eat this much bread but don't want to waste it. I need to re-think buying all my groceries at once so I have freezer space...or I need to buy a small chest freezer and keep outside.

  15. DeniseNTexas Says:

    CCraw, what about getting one of those small loaf pans and making smaller loaves? I've done that a few times over the years. Also, maybe making a small loaf and a small pan of rolls would work for you. It might be a little easier to eat than a bigger loaf.

  16. ccraw Says:

    That's a good idea...I never thought about doing that!

  17. baselle Says:

    There's always croutons and bread crumbs - don't feel like you have to eat the bread all at once.

  18. ccraw Says:

    Baselle, that was my next step, croutons for salads and bread crumbs. I don't have much of it left thankfully but I hate to waste any of it.

  19. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Don't forget bread pudding! Stale bread is perfect for that. My mom used to save all the heels, stale pieces, etc in a bread bag in the freezer and when she had about 1/2 a bag she'd make bread pudding. Oh, it was delicious!!

  20. jperryharris Says:

    I love homemade bread as a matter of fact its on my list for today! Yummy! Smile

  21. PatientSaver Says:

    If you use a somewhat smaller loaf pan, you may also be able to save money by baking it in your toaster oven, which is what I do. the only time i use my big oven these days is to make a tray of lasagna.

  22. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Patientsaver, I have a counter top convection/toaster oven that I love! It's the second one I've bought in four years but I pay less than $45 for them and they're awesome. Because of them, I rarely have to use my big oven and do so only when I really want to.

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