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New Job, Much Better Life

February 8th, 2011 at 02:05 pm

It's been a year since I've blogged, much has happened in that time, all for the better and best. Sometimes bad things that seem to happen are blessings in disguise.
I'm now out of the retail business, I've not been working in convenience stores for four months now. After nine years and working 70 hour weeks or more, the job finally took a toll on my health. I was literally working myself to death. I have unbelievably high blood pressure, and apparently at sometime prior to seeing the doctor had a mild heart attack. Sooo time to slow way down and re-assess my life.

I quit the job and took a job with my parents as a gate-guard for the oilfield. At times you might get 100-200 trucks coming in and out and you simply sign them in and sign them out when they leave the lease you are working on. Gate Guards are in demand here in South Texas and you can make anywhere from $125.00-$300.00 a day. I work for a company that pays $125.00 a day (250 a day if there is more than one rig at any given time) and they supply the generator, water and sewage tank. I only work two weeks of the month and my parents work the other two weeks. I make $1750 for the month.

The job we are on now is very slow and I probably open the gate 1-12 times a day. So I have all day to read books, work on rag rugs and surf the internet and of course take my daily walks.

One thing about doing this is you must be prepared for the time you are working because you can never leave the gate, you must be organized and plan well. If you run out of something that's tough and you try to make do.

So this is my home for two weeks of the month, it can be very cramped and is easy to get cabin fever at times, it's great when the two weeks are over and you get to go home! Of course I live in a fifth wheel anyway so am used to the tight spaces.

3 Responses to “New Job, Much Better Life”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    This is really interesting. Are the vehicles limited to certain hours to come in/out? Are you on duty 24/7 during your 2 week shift? When your shift is over, do you have to move your 5th wheel?

  2. ccraw Says:

    Hi Petunia, because i trade two weeks on and off with my parents we use the same trailer so we don't have to move it. This trailer is a regular camper, it is 30ft long, my fifth wheel is much bigger.

    So far this job has lasted almost a year, my parents took it in May of 2010. Most jobs last a month to three months but since gate guards are in demand you usually get home and are called right back out to another job when your previous jobs have ended. It's not for everyone but in this economy it's a real blessing. They say there is work in the oilfield here in South Texas for at least 18 years. You do work 24/7 at most jobs but there are jobs where you are able to lock the gate at a certain hour, depends on what they are doing at the lease you are on. Hope the info helps!

  3. HouseHopeful Says:

    That is really interesting. Keep us updated on how you plan for your two weeks and how its going. I've had some recent health problems too, so I know how it can change your day to day life. Take care of yourself!

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